I retired from working many years in the Healthcare field. I have witnessed many unearthly miracles which opened my eyes to the fact that there are many more spiritual possibilities with higher powers than ourselves. I became intrigued with nature and its power. I found solace in the wiccan “ways” with the nature aspect while also believing in the high power of Angels. I truly appreciate all religions and don’t believe in just “one”, from the words of M. Gandhi “God has no religion”.

We opened our store in July of 2016 in Key West, Florida. Key West is truly “Paradise” and has so much history, you can actually “feel it in the air”. Key West has unique and wonderful people and we thought this would be the perfect location to start our new business.
We are excited to start this new chapter and to provide the best possible products and services to our spiritual friends and family not only in the Key West area, but around the states as well!

Blessed Be,