Wicca Sage

Catherine “Wiccan Sage” lives in Westminster Colorado and has been a practicing Wiccan since the early 1980’s.  She firmly believes in the inherent worth and value of every human and life force; practicing reverence and devotion for nature and Mother Earth.

Catherine has read tarot cards, lead past life regressions and has recently started working with ruins as well as making wands, brooms, potions and painting stones.  She says that the stone’s energy tells her what they want to be and she paints what they’ve told her.  All of the stones are marked “Wiccan Sage” and painted with a purple sage plant.  Some of the stones, specifically the “Owls” in a series, are marked and numbered.

The wands are very similar as many of the natural sticks already have pagan symbols in the bark that her wood burning techniques highlight.  This connection to the stones and wands makes each one a unique, one-of-a-kind item.  No two will ever be the same nor have the same energy allowing the buyer to match their energy to the item they’re interested in. 

Wiccan Sage’s unique, hand-made items are exclusively available at Mystical Key located at 1100 Truman Avenue, Key West FL, 33040 or online at www.mysticalkeyshoppe.com


  • Shirnell

    I was walking down the street and had to turn back around because I was drawn to this shop. As soon as I walked in the energy that I felt was so relaxing. The owner she’s very sweet I can talk to her like I’ve known her for years.

  • Dawn

    As I was wandering around this quaint and very calming mystical shoppe, I was drawn to two shiny painted stones that have words of guidance that I am in need of at this time. I believe that I choose this path to walk today instead of my usual walking route because I was being guided in some mystical way. Thank you

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