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Jeanette Innala

So we were a whole group of magical healers from Sweden visiting this beautiful place with a lot of heart💗 We actually found it from Sweden and made it a stop on the caribean healing course and cruise.
Thank you for taking such great care of all of us and everyone in the studygroup. 💗💗💗I highly recommend this special place in Key West for all the magical people travelling the world. - From Facebook


This little shop won't be little for long. It is the only metaphysical store in Key West but Monika, the owner is what makes it so special. Her positive, calming and helpful spirit makes you feel welcome and at home. She offers a variety of eclectic items including beautiful crystals, divination tools, tarot cards, clothing, scented candles and much more. She also offers different styles of phychic readings performed by a few local psychic and offers Reiki certification classes. All your metaphysical needs can be met here or just pick something up for a gift for a friend. Stop by and feel the energy. You won't want to leave. I promise!! - from tripadvisor

Ricardo Montano

Amazing store! My girlfriend got me a bunch of stuff from here and I myself purchased several magickal items here. Only metaphysical/witchcraft supply store here in the Keys. The owner is a blessing to the community and is always getting new stuff in. I've only been in the store three times and there is always new stuff! - From Facebook